• Prussin Music participates in our local community by donating to school music programmes’ and their fundraising events.  See how we help:  Testimonials Page
  • We lend our window space to musically inspired Artists in our Midst artists every April.
  • We love visiting local elementary and secondary schools for instrument demonstrations and maintenance clinics.
  • We invite in our neighbouring school classes and local organizations for store tours.



We actively recycle and reuse 99% of our office and packing materials.  We reuse first, and when we can’t reuse, we recycle! We strive to be green!

We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment by reusing and recycling as much as possible.  This includes our worn out office equipment, electronics, printer and toner cartridges, used batteries, film and rigid plastics, styrofoam, paper and cardboard. We use refillable items if they are available, and consider the environmental impact of travel distance and packaging when purchasing our office supplies. We try to buy locally from small businesses when we can. We reuse the second side of all our office paper!

We are proud to work towards always reducing our impact on the environment! Need help with your home recycling? Visit PMD to view their next Vancouver plastics, styrofoam and electronics recycling pickup!  We love our friends at PMD!

plastics recycling

This is half our typical recycling pickup.  Not so pretty, but we’re helping protect the earth by diverting all our styrofoam and plastics from the landfill.



Out shopping with your best friend(s)? We are animal friendly, feel free to bring them in!

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