Music educators throughout British Columbia have been turning to Prussin Music to make their band room run smoothly for over 20 years. Our trained staff are on the road constantly keeping in touch with schools around the Lower Mainland. We offer friendly and prompt service to all the teachers we help.  We pick up and deliver instruments for repair and perform on-site repairs.

Consider our array of services to make your programme run smoothly!




School Liaison:  Emma

Email or call Emma to request a quote for Orff, Brass, Winds, Percussion or just about anything!


dumbekBuyer, Sheet Music, and Percussion Repair:  Elliot

Contact Elliot with any percussion repair needs, or for any sheet music requests.



Brass and Wind Repair: Andrew & Jeff

Our brass and wind technicians are available six days a week for walk-ins, pick-ups or phone calls.  Get in touch with them for advice or to get your horn tuned up.


Orchestral String Repair:  Ian 

Our in-house luthier works on student instruments, and can properly set up your school orchestral instruments.  We carry quality strings and accessories for proper setup.


DSC_0653Guitar Purchase and Repair: Bud & Scott

With years of experience between them, Bud and Scott can help you pick the right instruments and accessories for your guitar programme.  They personally set up every guitar that goes out our doors.

Visit our Guitar Repair or Guitar Sales pages, or email us with your questions.



Orff Instrument Repair and FAQ: Stefan

Stefan is very knowledgeable about your programmes’ xylophones, metallophones and mallets.  Get some new nails or rubber installed, or order some replacement bars for those currently missing!