School Sales and Rentals

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Band Instruments – Huge selection from leading manufacturers.  Bargain prices for any band or string program director.  We are friendly and prompt, and offer competitive pricing. Email us for a quote or with a question.

Used Instruments
Student and Professional models available every day.  All our used instruments are cleaned, repaired and setup properly.  We ship-out daily for next day delivery all over the lower mainland.

Concert Percussion – Xylophones, timpani, chimes and more.  From Pearl, Adams, Ludwig, Musser, Dream, and more.  Contact Elliot to discuss any concert percussion needs.


String Programs
Violins, Violas, Celli, Double Basses.  All of our string instruments are set up correctly and come standard with the right parts.  Real wood instruments with ebony fittings and Wittner-brand tailpieces.  Pernambuco bows with real horsehair.  Quality strings.  Sturdy gig bags. Our string instruments come with in-house warranty of one year.  Our luthier, Ian, is on hand to help maintain your string instruments throughout the year.  Contact Emma or Ian at for additional information.  Learn more about our orchestral string instruments.

Guitar and Folk Instrument Programs –
Bud Kurz and Scott Mowbray check-in and check-over every guitar we sell.  They can recommend the best beginner classicals, acoustics and ukes for any program, whether you are starting your program or adding to your current inventory.  They also repair!  Quality, proper set up on every guitar we sell adds value to the instruments you buy at affordable prices.  Accessories like bags and books are an easy addition.  Contact Bud or Scott to talk guitars and amps.


Orff Instruments, Recorders, Elementary Music –
We have the expertise to recommend the right instruments for your elementary general music or Orff program.  We carry student recorders and high quality Sonor Orff instruments to equip your students and your classroom.  Competitive prices on bulk orders for recorders or any instrument.  We also can help you maintain your orff instruments, with our Orff instrument repairman Stefan.  Email us to arrange a repair or order a part. Request a quote on any elementary music instrument or accessory, by calling or emailing Emma.



  • Reward/Credit programs for all exclusive rentals -

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  • Competitive rates
  • All instruments are play-tested by professional musicians. Your students can start playing right away
  • Our comprehensive warranty is your insurance against any manufacturer defect. Having a problem? Call us and we’ll pick up the instrument for a free tune-up.  You won’t go without- we courier repairs back within one or two days
  • Clean, serviced and adjusted – our large repair department means you get the best used instruments. We always include our warranty services with rentals.
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We carry many more items then we have listed on our site!  
If you have a favourite classroom item, just ask, we can likely get it for you!


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