New Website

Welcome to the new  Prussin Music website!  What started in October as a new repair blog quickly evolved and we are excited to have a fresh face and revamped content throughout the entire website.  We will be continuing to upload pictures and videos of repairs, interesting instruments, and of course products that we sell.  As we develop and grow the website, each section of the store and our specialties will have multimedia content here online.  Our hope is to share a bit of an inside look from our perspective as musicians and professionals in the music trade industry.  Hopefully we will educate as well as entertain.

One of the most valuable resources that we’ll be using heavily is YouTube – many of our manufacturers have already spent countless hours producing wonderful videos highlighting their products.  We’ll be sharing their videos on throughout the site, as well as sharing some of our own!  As the site grows and expands, we hope that you will find that you want to come to this website regularly to see what is new.  With our news feeds on the frontpage, it will be easy to see what is new around the store.

Be sure to friend us on Facebook if you are interested in staying up to date with us for sales, upcoming events, and deals!

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