School Policies

Prussin Lesson Policies

  1. Prussin Music uses a semester-based lesson system. The year is broken down into 4 terms: Fall (September to December); Winter (January to March); Spring (April to June); and Summer (which is split into two sessions). The Summer semester is divided into two months; July & August and is a stand alone semester. You may register for just one month or both.  View our Lesson Schedule page to learn more.
  1. Payment for lessons must be received in advance of each term, for the entire term, in order to secure a time slot. Payment can be made in person at the store, or by telephone with the use of a credit card.  Sorry, we are not able to accept registrations via email or web at this time.
  1. Refunds are only given up until the student has had their first two lessons, and will be pro-rated accordingly. After the second lesson, there are no refunds given for a student who withdraws from lessons. Also, students may not change teachers after their second lesson in the term.
  1. Refunds/Cancellations and Make-ups:  There are no refunds for missed lessons. Fall, Winter & Spring students who register with 6 or fewer lessons remaining are eligible for a maximum of one make-up, while those who register with 7 or more lessons remaining are eligible for a maximum of 2 lessons, provided adequate notice is given.  See our Cancellation Policy below (Adequate notice is defined).  One week at the end of each term is reserved for make-up lessons.  Make ups are arranged by the teacher.   Teachers will communicate directly with the student or parent to schedule make-ups if the student is eligible.  Please contact the store directly by phone in order to provide notice of cancellation or upcoming missed lesson (see details below).   Students who register, in their entirety, for both Summer sessions are entitled to a maximum of 1 make-up, provided adequate notice is given and are thus charged for one less lesson.  There are no make-ups for Group Lessons.

Cancellation Policy for Private Lessons 


  • If you, or your child, is unable to attend a lesson, please inform us one week in advance.
  • In case of sickness, please notify Prussin Music before noon on the lesson day.
  • This policy does not apply to group lessons, for which there are no make-ups.  


To cancel a Lesson, please call the store at (604) 736-3036 or email us at with “Student Absence” in the subject line.  The staff at Prussin will forward your cancellation information to the teacher.  Please note that messages received after store hours (after 6 pm) will not be passed on to the teacher until the following morning.  You may leave a message about a lesson cancellation on our voice mail.  If a lesson is missed with adequate notice (see Cancellation Policy above), be sure to communicate early with your teacher in order to arrange the most convenient make up time for both of you.  One week at the end of each term is reserved for make-up lessons.  If there is a mutually convenient time within the semester, that could also be an option, but please remember that many of our teachers are committed elsewhere on days they don’t teach at Prussin. While students are able to cancel their lesson at any time, students will only qualify to receive a make-up when they have provided adequate notice to the Prussin Music (see our Cancellation Policy above).  Make-up lessons will not be given to students who do not provide adequate notice.

Prussin Lesson Rates

PRIVATE LESSON RATES $25 for 30 minutes $36.50 for 45 minutes $48 for 60 minutes
GROUP LESSON RATES: $12.50 for 30 minute group class $18.75 for 45 minute group class $25 for 60 minute group class $36.50 for 90 minute group class $48 for 120 minute group class