Recital Room Available!

Recital Room Available!

We are pleased to announce that our back room is now available for rental.  With a Yamaha Grand Piano and the use of up to twenty folding chairs, this space is perfect for:

House Concerts
Ensemble Rehearsals

Cost is $30 for the first hour, $15 for each additional 30 minutes (or part thereof) plus GST.

For more information, call or email.

Pre-registration for the Winter Semester

Pre-register for Winter Semester Semester Based Lessons is now happening!Lessons

Register by December 2nd for the winter semester to secure the same time slot as during the fall semester (subject to teacher availability).

Need a change?  Switchestration runs from  December 3rdDecember 7th

Returning students may change times/days/teachers.  Family members may also register for lessons at this time.

·       Open registration for the winter semester will begin December 8th.

Why not sign up for some music lessons?


Rogue Folk Tickets now at Prussin Music!

Rogue Folk LogoWe are happy to announce that tickets to Rogue Folk concerts will now be available at our front counter!  Rogue Folk is a unique, volunteer-run local organization that showcases a large variety of live folk music all year long.  The Very Best in Live Acoustic Roots Music!  Visit their website to find out about more, including info on upcoming shows.

Visit our Facebook page for more news and special offers….

Violin from Landfillharmonic Orchestra Here!

Over the last year and a half, we have been lucky enough to participate in the Instruments Beyond Borders project, detailed in our previous post here.  Instruments Beyond Borders was an instrument donation drive, spear-headed by our friend Janos Maté, for the Landfillharmonic Orchestra, an orchestra made of aspiring and inspiring musicians from Cateura Paraguay, whose incredible instruments are handmade from landfill materials.Instruments for Change 3

A BIG THANK-YOU to everyone who donated an instrument to the Landfillharmonic!

Last week, when these musicians visited Vancouver, we were able to pass along the many instruments that had been donated to us for this cause.  The students are so pleased!

Finally, in thanks for our participation, we have been given a violin from the Landfillharmonic Orchestra!  One of only a few instruments ever donated, we feel very honoured to have received this gift.  Other recipients of these instruments include Queen Sophia of Spain, Jimmy Carter, Princess Beatrix of Holland, Archbishop Claudio Mario Celli, Robert Pattison and the Museums of Musical Instruments in both Phoenix and Berlin.

Take a look at this amazing handmade instrument!
Instruments for Change 2Instruments for Change 1Learn more about the Landfillharmonic Orchestra here or watch their video here. 
There will be a documentary made about the Landfillharmonic, view more info here.

Instruments for Change 6Instruments for Cah Instruments for Change 10 Instruments for Change 4

Step-Up Violins Now Available for Rent

Gliga Gems II and Gama, Heinrich Gill, Jay Haide violins are now available for rent at Prussin Music. From trusted, quality violin-makers, with proper set-up.  Real ebony fingerboards and pegs, Wittner tailpieces with 4 fine-tuners, high quality strings. From $25 per month, call or come in to see our great full-size violin selection, now available for rent.

Jay Haide

New Lines of Acoustic Guitars at Prussin Music

Gibson, Larivée, Epiphone, Alvarez, Norman, La Patrie, and Simon & Patrick.  We here at Prussin Music have expanded our inventory of quality acoustic guitars, and we are proud to announce that we are now dealers of these fine brands of acoustic guitars.  With dozens of high end guitars in stock and displayed in our new high end guitar room, you are sure to find an beautiful and inspiring instrument that will last a lifetime.

larivee guitar room