Guitar Repair

DSC_0653Our Guitar Repair shop is Open 7 Days a Week.  We have two in-house, full-time guitar technicians, Scott and Bud.  Learn more about them here : Meet our Technicians.

Bud Kurz has been playing and repairing guitars for many years at Prussin.  Bud offers friendly, quality service and knows just about everything about guitars and guitar repair.  Bud is also well-versed with repairs for mandolins, banjos, ukuleles and the-like.  Bud is a registered Fender repairman, available Monday-Thursday.

As of November 2012, we have a new addition to our family here at Prussin! Scott Mowbray will be our second in-house guitar tech. Scott is an authorised Taylor and Fender repairman with 16 years experience. Come say hello and speak with him about any issues you have regarding re-frets, set-ups, pick-up installations, floating bridges, banjo repairs, or any other fretted instrument repairs.

Repair services offered at Prussin Music:
Fret dressing, Raising action, Lowering action, Restrings, Set-ups, School repairs.

We repair more than guitars!  Mandolins, Banjos, Ukuleles, and other Fretted Folk Instruments are all within our realm of expertise!

Call us or email us at with questions, or just bring in your instrument for a free estimate!

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