French Horn / Rotor Tuba Care Sheet


  1. Oil your rotors once a week. Take the valve caps off, and put the valve oil in the center of the rotor. You should also pull the tuning slides out, and drop valve oil down the tubes so it reaches the valves. If your valves are sluggish, oil them every day until they loosen up or take your horn to a repair technician for an acid bath.
  2. Clean your lead pipe once a month. Use a trumpet snake as some horn snakes are too large for the lead pipe.
  3. Wipe off your fingerprints with a polishing cloth when you are done playing. This will preserve the lacquer on your instrument.
  4. Make sure that your tuning slides are greased up so that they move freely.
  5. Always empty all your slides before putting your horn back in the case.
  6. It is important to keep all of the accessories properly stored in your case. Loose accessories can damage the instrument. It is also important not to put music in your case as forcing it inside can damage the instrument.
  7. Every year, your instrument should be brought to a repair shop for an acid bath. This assures that the rotors and tubing are thoroughly cleaned and prevents them from corroding.

Suggested Maintenance Supplies: Rotor Oil, Tuning Slide Grease, Polishing Cloth, Cleaning Snake, Mouthpiece Brush.

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