Trumpet Care Sheet


  1. Oil your valves every day.
  2. Do not “bang” the mouthpiece into the lead pipe: push it straight it and twist to avoid getting it stuck.
  3. Clean out your mouthpiece with a mouthpiece brush once a week.
  4. Wash your instrument every month or so. Use tepid warm water (hot water will ruin the lacquer) and a little liquid dish soap. Use a “snake” to clean the lead pipe and other tubing. Use a lint-free cloth (no brush) to clean the valves and valve casings.
  5. After cleaning, oil the valves very well. Use slide grease on all slides (if your trumpets third valve slide is not slick enough, apply a drop of valve oil, this should loosen the slide enough to operate with one finger.)
  6. With a soft cloth, clean the fingerprints off of the instrument to keep the lacquer in good condition.
  7. Make sure that your tuning slides are greased up so that they move freely.
  8. Always empty all your slides before putting your horn back in the case.
  9. Vacuum out the inside of the case every few months or when visibly dirty.
  10. It is important to keep all of the accessories properly stored in your case. Loose accessories can damage the instrument. It is also important not to put music in your case as forcing it inside can damage the instrument.
  11. If your mouthpiece is stuck, don’t try to remove it with pliers. Bring it to your teacher or repair technician, who has a special mouthpiece puller.
  12. Every year, your instrument should be brought to a repair shop for an acid bath. This assures that all of the tubing and vales are thoroughly cleaned, preventing them from corroding.

Suggested Maintenance Supplies: Valve Oil, Cleaning Snake, Mouthpiece Brush, Polishing Cloth, and Tuning Slide Grease.

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