Flute Care Sheet


  1. Use the cleaning rod and a cloth to clean the inside tubing directly when you are finished playing.
  2. Wipe the outside of the flute to remove fingerprints, being careful to avoid touching the edges of the pads.
  3. Cigarette papers can be used to eliminate sticky pads. Slip a sheet (not the sticky part) under the open pad, depress the key, and pull the paper away. If this doesn’t work after two or three tries, bring the problem to a repair shop. Too many tries can tear the pads. We also sell “powder paper” that works even better than cigarette paper.
  4. A soft brush (a clean paint brush) is good for removing dust and other debris that accumulates under the keys. Do this gently so you don’t knock any springs.
  5. Never use any type of silver polish as it will ruin the pads.
  6. Don’t attempt any screw adjustments. This is a delicate job needing experience.
  7. It is important to keep all of the accessories properly stored in your case. Loose accessories can damage the instrument. It is also important not to put music in your case as forcing it inside can damage the instrument.
  8. Once a year, your instrument should be checked by a repair technician to ensure that there are no leaks and that the corks are in good condition.

Suggested Maintenance Supplies: Polishing Cloth, Cleaning Rod, Powder paper.

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