Saxophone Care Sheet


  1. Wash out the mouthpiece with tepid warm water and soap at least once a week drying it thoroughly.
  2. Put cork grease on the neck cork when it is too dry (and squeaks) or when it becomes difficult to work the mouthpiece on the cork. You should be doing this once or twice a week.
  3. Clean the connecting neck and body section with a soft cloth once a week so they fit well and don’t bind.
  4. Remove fingerprints and dirt from the body and keys once or twice a week to keep the lacquer looking new and to prevent the acid from your hands from ruining the lacquer. This can be done with a soft, clean cloth or a commercial lacquer polishing cloth. Never use a liquid or polish because it gums up the rods, springs, tone holes and pads.
  5. Remove the reed from the mouthpiece and place it in a reed case or a reedguard after playing.
  6. Always put the mouthpiece cap and ligature on the mouthpiece when putting it in the case. It prevents it from getting chipped or cracked
  7. Swab out the saxophone with a body swab or bassoon brush after playing. Don’t pull the body swab through the neck because it will become lodged. A snake like swab is designed for cleaning the neck.
  8. Always insert the end plug on the body when putting the instrument in the case. This prevents the octave key mechanism from getting bent.
  9. Vacuum out the inside of the case every three months or when visibly dirty, especially in the crevices. This prevents dust, dirt and other particles from getting into the rods and between the keys.
  10. It is important to keep all of the accessories properly stored in your case. Loose accessories can damage the instrument. It is also important not to put music in your case as forcing it inside can damage the instrument.
  11. Once a year, your instrument should be checked by a repair technician to assure that there are no leaks and that the instrument is in good playing condition.

Suggested Maintenance Supplies: Pad Saver, Mouthpiece Brush, Reed Holder, Polishing Cloth, Cork Grease.

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