Orff Repair

We are proud to offer Orff instrument repair services all year round.  Phone or email Andrew today to schedule a repair with our resident Orff repairman Stefan.

  • We repair all makes and models of Orff instruments
  • We keep the right parts in stock, for a quick turnaround
  • Repairs can be done at your school
  • Replacement bars and parts are easy to order
  • Find mallets and accessories that fit your program

Our repairs can be done on site or we can bring them back to the shop, as you like.  Our repairman is full-time and available at a moment’s notice.

Missing something?  We can order replacement bars, tubing, pins, and mallets, whatever you’re missing.  Contact Stefan with the make and model of your instrument and he’ll help you order you the right parts.  Don’t know the make and model?  We can help you figure out what you need.



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