Trombone Repair

We recommend an acid bath at least once a year to keep your trombone playing well, and to prevent more costly repairs such as soldering or stuck slides.  With our acid bath process, we have been able to minimize the need for slide alignment with most instruments.  We also offer an ‘acid bath slide only’ service, saving you a little money but maintaining the most crucial and expensive piece of your instrument.

TromboneOur custom acid bath process is much more than meets the eye.  We begin by fully disassembling and cleaning off all old oils and greases from the parts.  The instrument is then dipped in our mild and environmentally friendly acid, which mainly loosens the corrosion on the parts as well as treating the metal.  After a few minutes, the instrument is rinsed and all parts are cleaned with a special pumice based soap.  We use brass and nylon bristle brushes that leave the casings and slides polished clean as new.  The instrument is then further cleaned to remove all debris that has come off in this process.  We re-oil and grease all parts, check your waterkey cork and replace if needed, and check the slide for proper alignment.  Finally we play test the instrument to ensure your horn is playing at it’s best.

Bring in your trombone for a free estimate if your instrument is overdue for this important servicing.

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