Clarinet Repair

We offer extensive clarinet repair service.  If you need anything from annual maintenance on your instrument or are looking to upgrade the padding on your clarinet, be sure to bring your instrument in for a free evaluation.  We specialize in fast turnaround time, so that you can quickly have your instrument back in your hands and playing better than ever.  We recommend an annual maintenance at minimum to keep your instrument playing great.  If you have a wooden clarinet you must make sure to have the instrument fully disassembled and oiled at minimum every two years to help prevent cracking or bore damage.

Pad Options

  • Valentino Pads
  • Cork Pads
  • Felt Pads

With a variety of pad options to choose from, it is important to consider to difference between pads when doing any repair work to a clarinet.

Felt Pads
The traditional pad for clarinet is a felt pad with a fish skin stretched around the pad to improve the seal.  Felt pads typically come pre-installed on most clarinets and work pretty well.  However, over time the felt in the pad will interact with the humidity in the air, causing the pad to swell and lose its seal.

corkpadsclarinetCork Pads
Long proven to be an upgrade to standard felt pads, cork pads offer a superior seal to that of felt.  They are more time consuming to install and therefore more costly, but the difference in overall seal of the instrument combined with a much longer lifespan of the pads themselves, they will drastically change any clarinet into a more solid feeling and simply better playing instrument.

valentino clarinet padsValentino Pads
In recent years a new pad has emerged as the top choice for clarinets, Valentino pads offer the superior seal of cork pads but due to being a synthetic material the consistency is always perfect and the lifespan of the pads is extended even further than cork.  One additional benefit versus cork padding is that the Valentino pads are slightly less noisy when being pressed against the body of the instrument.  We love these pads so much that we use them on all of our rental clarinets when we maintain them.

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