Flute Repair

We offer extensive flute repair service.  If you need anything from annual maintenance on your instrument or are looking to upgrade the padding on your flute, be sure to bring your instrument in for a free evaluation.  We specialize in fast turnaround time, so that you can quickly have your instrument back in your hands and playing better than ever.  We recommend an annual maintenance at minimum to keep your instrument playing great.

Feel free to check out our Flute Care Sheet or our Woodwind and Brass Repairs FAQ if you have further questions.  You may also speak to our technicians directly by phone or in person.

Flute PadsPad Options

  • Woven Felt Pads
  • Pressed Felt Pads
  • Straubinger Pads

With a variety of pad options to choose from, it is important to consider to difference between pads when doing any repair work to a flute.

Woven Felt Pads
The traditional pad forflute is a felt pad with a fish skin stretched around the pad to improve the seal.  Woven felt pads typically come pre-installed on most flutes and work pretty well.  However, over time the felt in the pad will interact with the humidity in the air, causing the pad to swell and lose its seal.  Woven felt does is not as dense as pressed felt, and therefore the seal is not as firm against the body of the instrument.

pressedfeltflutepadsPressed Felt Pads
Long proven to be an upgrade to standard woven felt pads, pressed felt pads offer a superior seal to that of woven felt.  The term pressed felt refers to the process in which the felt is crushed with 20,000 pounds of pressure to greatly improve the density of fibers in the felt.  They are more time consuming to install and therefore more costly, but the difference in overall seal of the instrument combined with a much longer lifespan of the pads themselves, they will drastically change any flute into a more solid feeling and simply better playing instrument.

straubinger padsStraubinger Pads
For the serious player, Straubinger pads are a rigid hard plastic pad, and offer a superior seal over felt pads.  Due to being a rigid pad with no additional squeezing of the keys to press the pad any further into the tone hole, the time and effort put into installing these pads is vastly greater than felt pads.  Every flute must be prepped to receive Straubinger pads with careful tone hole leveling and mechanical work to ensure a proper seal.  Each pad must be carefully shimmed to attain a good seal, we use shims and partial shims that are as thin as .0005″.  Your flute will be much more solid and less prone to change in seal from changes in humidity.

Here is a gallery of a beautiful gold Brannen flute that was overhauled at our shop in 2010.

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