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Renting vs. Owning 

One of the most common questions we get asked when someone is looking for an instrument, is whether we feel they should rent or buy an instrument.

Renting is less money upfront, and it is as simple as monthly payments until the instrument is returned (and the payments stop).  There is a 3 month minimum to rent an instrument, and all accessories that are included must be returned in working condition with the instrument (except for reeds).  When the instrument is returned to the store, it is checked over by a repair technician.  If there is damage to the instrument you will be responsible for the repair costs.  There are no hidden fees when returning an instrument.  Normal wear and tear maintenance issues are not charged for upon return of an instrument.  Insurance is optional for a monthly fee and covers major damage or theft of an instrument (police report required), there is a deductible of $100 for damage or theft.  You have the option to buy the instrument at any point during your rental, and all of the money that you pay goes toward the rent-to-own price.  If you decide to purchase your rental within the first two years, you are eligible for a 25% discount off the remaining balance.

Buying is the simplest way to own an instrument – there’s only one payment and the total purchase price is always less than if you enter a rental agreement.  Simply put: the cheapest possible price to buy an instrument is to just buy it on the day you look at it.  For any instrument that is purchased but is also available for rent, we give you (at no additional cost) a ‘Buy Back Guarantee’.  What this means is that we will buy the instrument back from you at any point, we only deduct what the rent would have been for the amount of time you had the instrument.  We give you a refund for the remainder, as long as all accessories are returned with the instrument in working order and there is no damage to the instrument.  Buying an instrument is no more risk to you than renting at Prussin Music.

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