We are proud of our huge selection of mouthpieces!

We carry lots of brands, as well as varieties in sizing for your individual tastes. There are too many too list individually, but here is a quick overview!

Sax: Meyer, Otto Link Hard Rubber and Metal, Selmer Jazz and Classical, Rousseau, Jody Jazz in stock. Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Bari in stock for most brands

Clarinet and Bass Clarinet: Vandoren, Selmer, Rico Reserve, Jody Jazz

Trumpet: Bach, Laskey (wide variety of sizes of each)

Trombone: Bach, Dennis Wick (tons of used, too)

Euphonium: Dennis Wick (a few used), Conn

Tuba: Bach, Faxx, Dennis Wick (used), several other used of misc brands

Bring your horn in and try one out…..

Questions, come talk to Andrew or Jeff about how to improve your tone with a new mouthpiece.

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