Bass Clarinet Mouthpieces

Bass clarinet is a deceptively difficult instrument to produce a mature sounding tone on.  Often times players of this instrument resign themselves to the reality of playing a quiet part, and a continuous battle to achieve the upper register with ease.  We have found that the solution lies almost entirely in the mouthpiece.  The effect of a high quality mouthpiece on any bass clarinet is astounding.  From school instruments to top of the line wooden bass clarinets, all are transformed into a richer, deeper sounding, better playing instrument with a good mouthpiece.

We currently stock Vandoren and Selmer bass clarinet mouthpieces.  They are professional level mouthpieces, and offer remarkable advantages over stock mouthpieces.

Which one is right for you or your students?  There is no one answer for this question, but in general a professional level mouthpiece will make the instrument much easier to play, have better tone, more projection, and an easier high register.  If you would like to get a bit more volume and high register facilitation, we recommend choosing one with a slightly larger tip opening.

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