Alto Sax Mouthpieces

We stock a terrific selection of mouthpieces for Alto Saxophone.

We have found that mouthpieces are often overlooked as being as important as they really are in playing the saxophone.  Well before you begin shopping for a better instrument, a mouthpiece offers a huge upgrade to the way any instrument feels and plays.  With so many different manufacturers and variables in models, many people are unsure where to begin looking. We have staff available who can help you to find a mouthpiece that will improve your sound and raise the bar of what you are able to achieve with your instrument for a relatively small investment.

If you are taking private lessons, it is imperative that you have a mouthpiece that will allow for tone development and make your instrument easier to play.  Our philosophy with saxophone mouthpieces is simple: with all of the hours that go into practicing an instrument, the mouthpiece is the easiest (yet affordable) component to upgrade that will maximize your sound production capabilities.


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