Guitar and Folk Accessories

Guitar and Folk Instrument Strings
We carry strings for guitar, ukulele, harp, dulcimer, mandolin, mandola, bouzouki, autoharp plus we’ll restring these instruments for you!  We have two full-time folk and guitar repairmen on staff.

Strings from Aquila, D’Addario, Elixir, Ernie Ball, John Pearse, Martin, Pro-Arte, and Dusty Strings.

Amps and Patch cords
Peavey, Roland, Fender and Peavey amps for acoustic and electric instruments.  Amazing lightweight Phil Jones acoustic amps and bass amplifiers.

Patch cords from Planet Waves, Monster, Fender and Peavey.


Capos and Slides
Shubb, Dunlop and Kayser capos- from ukulele to classical to electric, we have them all.

Glass, brass, metal and bottle slides available. Give one a try before you take it home…


Guitar and Folk Instrument stands
From $10!  We carry stands for most folk and fretted instruments.

View our new Music Stands and Instrument Stands page to see our selection.  We have floor stands and the-ever-popular wall-hangers!  We also carry Harp stands for Dusty Strings harps, see our Harp page.

Picks and Straps
We have a huge selection of different picks and straps of all colours for your guitar or folk instrument.  Straps from Levys, a premier-maker of quality guitar straps.  We install strap-buttons too, if your instrument doesn’t have one, or sell you a strap that works without one.

We carry Recorder neck straps too!

Cases and Humidifiers
Check out our Instrument Cases page to learn more about the brands and options we carry.

Hard-shell cases and gig-bags for most any instrument, and any size guitar.  Cool tweed and faux-alligator ukulele cases!  Instrument and case humidifiers.  Having trouble with your case, we can repair them!

Metronomes, Mics, and Tuners

Traditional Wittner wind-up metronomes and digital metronomes with volume control and subdivision.

Clip-on tuners for folk and fretted instruments, harps and violins too.  From Wittner, Korg, Seiko, and Solutions.  Clip-on attachments for standard tuners are also available.

Pickups from K & K and Fishman.  We can install your new pickup, or help you place your contact mic or pickup.

Repairs, Setups and Pickup Installations
Visit our Guitar Repair Department to see a list of the repairs we offer, meet our technicians…or come by get a free repair quote any day of the week.  Professional, warrantied, quality repairs. 


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