Music Stands & Instrument Stands

Prussin carries a wide variety of music and instrument stands

Music Stands from Manhasset, Primo, Protec, K & M and Hercules

Portable, lightweight stands Starting at $15, these stands are a must-have for beginners and professionals alike.  Colorful, fun and easy to transport!  Music stand bags are included, or are available for sale separately. Manhasset Stands These stands are the industry standard and are always in stock.  They are strong and sturdy, adjustable, and come with a lifetime warranty. Special prices for Educators.

Music Stand Accessories

  • Manhasset stand carts for school programs.  Visit our Educators page.
  • Pencil holders for music stands
  • Stand lights from Mighty Bright and Manhasset.  New Mighty Bright Orchestra Light, with plug-in and battery options, for performers
  • Fold-out Stand Extenders – fit larger sheets on your stand!
  • Instrument stands that attach to the base of your music stand

Get a Free black Primo music stand! Included free with any student band or orchestral string instrument purchase at Prussin! * Not included with discounted instruments * With any rental, Black Primo stands are only $10!

Brass and Wind Instrument Stands

One for every instrument, or a fit a few instruments at a time using additional pegs.  Brass and wind stands made to fit inside bell of instruments, no need to carry an extra bag! Sturdy and reliable, from Hercules and K & M.

Guitar and Folk Instrument Stands From $10!  For most folk and fretted instruments. We have floor stands for one or more guitars, and the-ever-popular wall-hangers!  Hercules Wall-hanging stands fit ukuleles, classical guitars and steel-string guitars.  From Network and Hercules.


Harp Stands Bases for Dusty Strings harps.  These will help get your harp off the ground and at the right level for playing.  Some harpists also use an adjustable chair or stool designed for cellists, see below. Visit our Harp page for more information and harp accessories.

Orchestral String Instrument Stands

Ingles stands for violin, viola, cello and bass, including violin wall-hangers. Ingles stands are strong and withstand constant use.  These stands include a bow hook, a latch to prevent the instrument from slipping out, and padded arms to protect your instrument from damage.  Floor stands are adjustable for use with smaller instruments.  We use them at Prussin every day and couldn’t be happier.

Stools and Chairs for Guitar and Cello

D’addario guitar stools, padded or simple wood.  New models with built-in guitar stands. Adjustable cello stools to fit growing students’ needs from Grow-with-Me.  These chairs make practice time much easier, and help students play with proper posture.  

Check out these videos from Hercules Hercules Brass and Wind Stands

Hercules Folk and Guitar Stands

We’re open 7 days a week and have knowledgeable staff, if you have a question about music stands, just give us a call!

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