Orchestral String Accessories

Guaranteed to keep your instrument in prime shape and give you everything you need, we have a complete selection of accessories and cases.  We also have a full-service on-site repair shop, sales and rentals.

Our accessories come in all sizes for little players and big players alike!


Often overlooked as an important component of musician’s toolkit, we stock bows ranging in quality from student bows to hand crafted professional bows made from Fibreglass, Brazilwood, Pernambuco and Carbon Fibre. We stock Arcos, Coda BowDorflerAlfred Knoll, and Werner bows.  A better bow can really improve your sound – bring your instrument along and give a few bows a try.


We have a wide selection of strings suitable for any performance situation.  Our prices are competitive.

Dominant strings are the most sold strings in the world, and we sell the most Dominant strings of any store in BC.  With warm tone, these strings suit beginners and intermediate students alike.

We carry a variety of strings, from popular, quality manufacturers all over the world.  Our strings come in packs or singles, and are available for all sizes.

Available at Prussin:

  • Dominant
  • Eudoxa
  • Helicore
  • Infeld
  • Jargar
  • Kaplan
  • Larsen
  • Lenzner
  • Obligato
  • Oliv
  • Passione
  • Piranito
  • Pirastro
  • Evah Pirazzi
  • Pirastro
  • Precision
  • Spirocore
  • Superflexible
  • Synoxa
  • Tonica
  • Violino
  • Warchal
  • Zyex

  We can help you restring your instrument,
install fine-tuners or help with a sticky peg.


Rosin from $3 to $30, for every instrument.  From manufacturers-
Andrea, Gustav BernardelDominant, Hidersine, Hill, Kaplan ArtcraftKolsteinLarsen, Nyman, PetzPirastro, and Pops.  Not sure what to get?  We can help recommend some for you.


Amazing lightweight carbon-fibre cases from BAM France, colorful and durable Bobelock, Protec cases- sturdy, reliable and great zippers!  We also stock hygrometers and humidifiers, to keep your instrument safe.  We sell quality, padded gig bags for all sizes of cello and upright bass.  Check out our Cases Page.


and there’s more…


Violin & Viola 
  • Chin rests: Ebony and Wittner
  • Shoulder rests in every size from WolfMach One and Canadian KUN 
  • Foam shoulder rests for beginners
  • Chin cushions like the Chin Chum!
  • Tailpieces
  • Fine-tuners
  • Student and specialty bows
  • Tourte and practice mutes
  • Violin and Viola Stands
Cello & Upright Bass
  • Everything endpin:  Endpins, rubber tips, anchors, installation and repair
  • Wolftone eliminators and mutes
  • French and German bows
  • Strong, quality gig bags from Protec
  • Bridge adjustments, new bridges
  • Tailpieces
  • Pickups, adjustable bridges
  • Cello and Bass Stands



We have a full-time luthier in-house, Monday through Friday.
Ian Moar can assist you with bow rehairs, bridge adjustments and soundpost resetting.  Ian can cut and adjust new bridges to replace broken or worn bridges, as well as install pickups, and any other adjustments your instrument may need.  Ian can also replace or repair the endpin on your bass or cello.
For simple restrings, installing new fine-tuners, basic bridge adjustments, installing a new chin rest or fitting you for a shoulder rest, there are capable staff members available 7 days a week.

…or take a look at our new house-made Moar instruments

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