• Step-up Clarinet models Available – call for price
  • Buffet E13 (consigned):  Comes with 5RVLyre mouthpiece
  • Selmer CL201:  Unstained grenadilla, Nickel keys, Straight tone holes.  \
  • Leblanc Bliss (nearly new):    Nickel keys.
  • Leblanc Bliss (new):   Nickel keys.  Same as model above but new.
  • Leblanc Bliss (new):  Silver keys.

All used clarinets have received proper maintenance including disassembling and re-oiling of the body and mechanisms, pad and cork replacement where needed,  mechanical adjustments and full play testing to ensure quality.  With a purchase you will receive a 2 year warranty on new instruments, and 1 year warranty on used instruments.

We are excited to carry Leblanc Bliss clarinets:

We offer many student quality instruments.  We have a painless instrument buy-back program as well as a well priced financing program. We have an inventory of new, nearly new, and used instruments, however quantities of each category are limited.  Every instrument has been serviced by our repair shop, includes all necessary accessories to begin playing, and carries a warranty.

Clarinets available for Rent:
Brands: Artley, Eastman, Jupiter, Millennium, Schreiber and Vito
Available to purchase starting from $275.00.

Bass Clarinets available for Rent:
Brands: Leblanc and Vito
Available to purchase starting from $1,500.00.

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