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Music is synonymous with the piano in many minds, including ours!

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Prussin carries fully-weighted, 88 key digital pianos, from well-recognized manufacturers Korg and Roland.  All of the digital pianos at Prussin are available for out right purchase or financing.  Finally, we know space and sound can be a concern for lower mainland families, so we carry slimline models and headphones.


  • Brands: Roland and Korg
  • Available for purchase starting at $638.00 (nearly new).
  • 88 keys, fully-weighted
  • Stand and bench included
  • New, nearly new and used models available


Our KORG DIGITAL PIANOS are ideal for beginners or for those on a budget. Korg digital pianos have a realistic sound and fully weighted 88 keys. We typically carry the SP170, SP250 and LP350 (slimline) models.

  • Videos and info on the Korg SP170 (this video shows a previous version of the SP170 that only had 1 pedal, now this model comes with the standard 3 pedals).

Korg SP170DX – our most affordable rental keyboard.  Fully weighted, with 88 keys, and 3 pedals: damper, soft and soustenuto.  An easy and affordable way to start.  This model is slimline and black. Available for purchase starting from $675.00.

Korg SP250 – a step-up from the SP170, this keyboard has a larger sound bank and is more portable.  This model also has a special damper-pedal feature, that allows for it to be depressed only halfway.  Available for purchase starting at $850.00.

  • Korg LP350

Korg LP350 – Even slimmer than the SP170, the LP350 will fit in any Vancouver space. With 3 attached pedals, this piano will carry you through years of lessons.  The LP-350 features Korg’s finest piano touch and feel, using their RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3).  An excellent choice for beginners and advanced students alike.

Our ROLAND DIGITAL PIANOS are well suited for beginners and advanced performers. These digital pianos have become the industry standard as they offer an authentic sound and feel.

  • Roland F20  

With excellent ivory feel, escapment and proper key weighting, this model is affordable, yet delivers all the must-haves.   You can save MIDI files to an external USB drive, and play along with Apple’s Air Performer App.  Basic damper pedal.  Adjustable keytouch.

  • Roland F130

A step-up from the F20, the F130 includes all the features of the F20, and additionally offers 2 more levels of adjustable keytouch, 3 basic pedals, the ability to save up to 10 songs, and a larger soundbank.  With close able cover, this piano has an excellent appearance.

Digital Piano Warranty –  Digital piano purchases are covered under a one year manufacturer warranty.  


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