Drums & Percussion

Prussin Music has been the first choice for countless percussionists whether they are professionals or have yet to pick up their first instrument.

Drum Sets


  • Digital or Acoustic
  • Rent or Purchase
  • New, Nearly New, and Used
  • 5 piece kits
  • Hardware, throne, cymbals and sticks included
  • From Ludwig, Groove Masters Percussion, Roland, KAT Percussion
  • Rent starting from $30.00 per month
  • Purchase starting from $495.00

Digital Drum Sets –  Available from Roland and KAT Percussion

Watch the video above to learn more about our V-Drums!

The 2013 V-Drums New HD-3 models have 4 real mesh heads!  Mesh heads help simulate acoustic drums, but on a quiet, compact set that is Vancouver-friendly!

Roland V-Drums HD Lite Series

  • 5 piece digital drum set
  • Throne, sticks, headphones included with purchase or rental
  • Real mesh heads simulate acoustic drums
  • Adjustable volume
  • Designed for low acoustic noise
  • Sound bank of 20 drum set sounds
  • Optional drum monitor (available for rent or purchase)
  • Compact design fits Vancouver spaces!
  • Available to rent starting from $45.00 per month
  • Available to buy starting from $875.00

New in 2013!

KAT Percussion KAT1 Drumkit

Check out our new line of Digital Drum Sets from KAT Percussion

KAT Percussion KT1 Model

  • 5 piece digital drum set
  • Throne, sticks, headphones included with purchase or rental
  • Realistic playing experience with comfortable drum set set-up and real kick-pedal
  • Non-slip rack prevents drums from slipping out of position
  • 10 user-programmable drum set configurations/sounds
  • Engineered by professional drummers
  • 40 play-along tracks
  • Available to rent
  • Available to purchase

Drum Rentals

We rent Acoustic Drum Sets, Digital Drum Sets, Snare Kits and Bell Kits

Check our Drum Rentals Page or our Main Rentals Page for more information

*New, nearly new or used instruments available!
*Affordable prices
*Playchecked Instruments in proper playing condition
*Used Instruments Cleaned and Maintained
*Available 7 days a week
Come on in to rent or give us a call to check availability!

Snare Kits and Bell Kits 

All Kits Include:

  • Sticks
  • Mallets (Bell Kit only)
  • Practice Pad
  • Strong Back-pack style case
  • Free music folder
  • Available for Rent starting from $10.00 per month
  • Available to buy starting from $200.00

IMG_3827Concert Percussion

We deal with all of the major manufacturers such as: Ludwig-MusserRemo and LP.

Whether you’re looking for a suspended cymbal or symphonic chimes, we can add that extra dimension to your band or school programme.

Concert Percussion Percussion Accessories are available.


Contact Elliot for a competitive Concert Percussion quote:

or Visit our Educators page for more information!

World Percussion

One of our specialities has been finding authentic and high quality percussion instruments from all over the world.  We are always overflowing with new and interesting world percussion instruments.

Bodhrans & Tippers
Hand drums
Bongos, Congas, Djembes
Dumbeks & Darbukas
Frame drums, Buffalo Drums
Ocean Drums, Thunder Drums
Tambourines, Kanjiras, Pandeiros
Rhythm Sticks
Siren Whistles, Samba Whistles
Caxixis, Eggs, Maracas, Chik-itas
Shakerees & Shakers
Kalimbas (Thumb pianos)
Boom Whackers
Cow Bells
Finger Cymbals
Jingle Bells, Ankle & Wrist Bells
Irish Bones
Quebecois Spoons

Check with us, we often have rare and unusual instruments in stock.  


Percussion Repair

Percussion Repair

Percussion Repairs

We have the hardware and parts you need to maintain your drums and percussion instruments.

If you have a drum or part out of order, please come visit us or email our percussion repairman Elliot:

We pick up School percussion instruments like marimbas and drum sets for repairs, just let us know via email or a phone call.

We also repair on-site!

Please visit our Percussion Repair Page for more information


Studio 49
Orff and Kodaly Instruments

Orff and Kodaly Instruments

Prussin offers an amazing line of Studio 49 Instruments.

Made in Germany, from quality materials, these instruments can’t be beat in terms of durability and tone.

Glockenspiels, Xylophones, Metallophones, Resonator Bars and Accessories are all available

Orff Repair

We repair Orff instruments on-site, or pick them up and return them to you with a quick turnaround.  We have a large parts inventory of bars and parts, and can replace whatever part or piece you are missing.  Contact our Repair Department at  or visit our Orff Repair Page.

Childrens Instruments Prussin Music Vancouver CanadaChildren`s Instruments!

We carry a large variety of quality instruments for the young ones, and can help you find the right instruments for any age group…just ask us.  From shakers to xylophones, we have what you are looking for.

More information on Children’s Instruments here:


That’s Not All….

We stock all manner of Percussion Accessories 

Cymbals, hardware, skins, thrones, mallets, sticks & more.

Check it out, or give us a call!




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