We have one of Vancouver’s largest ukulele selections!  From $30 colourful children’s ukuleles to solid mahagony ukuleles, our selection will fit any of your uke desires.  We carry all the standard choices, and even ukulele-banjos and bass ukuleles!  

We carry a good selection of ukulele books and gig bags, Aquila strings and great vintage-inspired tweed and faux-alligator hardshell uke cases.  Most of our ukuleles come set up with Aquilla strings; strings that have become the industry standard for that bright, clear ukulele sound.  Aquila sets are also available for sale separately.  

Our repairmen, Bud and Scott, check over all our ukuleles before they hit the floor.  All of our solid wood ukuleles come with a one-year in-house warranty.  Come visit!  All of our ukes are available to try out to your heart’s content.

Visit our Ukulele page to find out more


We stock beginner laminate Mandolins and solid wood mandolins.  We carry strings, straps and cases for A and F style Mandolins.  While our stock is always in flux, we usually have a Bouzouki or Octave Mandolin on hand.  We also carry an affordable guitar mandolin, for guitar players who are eager to learn a new instrument.  Our line of Eastmans A and F style mandolins have had fantastic reviews and are a new customer favourite.

From Kentucky, Eastman, Gold Tone, Trinity College and Rover.


We carry a variety of quality banjos from DeeringGold Tone, Goodtime and Rover.  Open back and resonator banjos, and tenor Irish banjos.

All Goodtime Banjos currently 20% off (while supplies last)

Visit our Banjo and Mandolin Page to learn more


Visit our Recorder page to see all we have to offer Vancouver’s Recorder-playing community.We carry Moeck, Yamaha and Zen-On Stanesby, all top quality manufacturers.  From inexpensive plastic recorders, to quality, curved-windway plastic recorders made of solid wood, we have what you are looking for.  We carry a variety of wood choices for any performance needs.  See our Recorder page for further discussion of the varieties available.We also carry recorder accessories and offer in-house recorder repairs.  Accessories include neck straps, swabs and maintenance kits, and bore oil.  We’ve been repairing recorders in-house for years, re-corking tenons and repairing cracks.  Check with our Repair Department to find more info or get a quote.

Visit our Recorder page to learn more

Folk Percussion

Visit our Percussion Accessories Page to see our wide selection of world and folk percussion at Prussin!

Quality Bodhrans from BelgarthBridget, and Waltons.  Tippers and wooden spoons, shakers of all kinds!  Guiros, Castanets, Cahons – whatever kind of music you play, you can find a fun percussion instrument at Prussin.


Accordion and Concertina

We carry consignment piano and button accordions, the majority of which are recently refurbished by local accordion repairman extraordinaire Rickey Mann.  Our stock is always changing, so give us a call or come in.  From Hohner, Stagi, Brunner and Fiore (childrens’ accordions)


Want to learn to play Accordion?

Take some lessons with Prussin teacher Allan Dionne!


Folk Harp

We carry Dusty Strings Celtic Folk Harps, strings, stands, wrenches and other odd-and-ends.  We love this line of affordable, fantastic-sounding Folk Harps made in Seattle.

Come try out a Ravenna 26 or 34, both are fully-levered.  Available for rent or purchase at reasonable rates.  If you don’t know how to play yet, we have lessons.

Our harp teacher, Rebecca Blair, often hosts exciting harp workshops.
Check our Harp page or Workshops page for news…

Our harps are available to rent, starting from $40.00 per month.  All rentals come with tuning key, strong quality gig bag and harp stand.
Available to purchase starting from $1260.00.
Always in stock, Ravenna 26s and 34s.  Available for special order- Allegra, Crescendo and FH models.  More details available on our Harp page.


Dulcimer and Autoharp

AutoharpOscar Schmidt Autoharps, “truly the original.”  Great sound, easy to play and tune.  We carry Autoharp strings and tuning wrenches too!  Call us to check availability.



Our Dulcimers come from Stoney End and Dusty Strings; both hammered and mountain dulcimers are available.

Irish Whistle

Irish Whistle

We have a great assortment of whistles at Prussin.  From $5 to $100, high D to low D, you can find it here.

Our knowledgeable staff members can help you pick a whistle and an intro book or schedule a class with Debra Jackson.  Vancouver is a popular spot for Irish and Celtic Music, and the whistle is an easy entry point for beginners, as well as an instrument that can be perfected over a lifetime.

From John Sindt, Susato, and Tony Dixon


So close to Jericho Beach, of course we have Didgeridoos!  Great tone, from major manufacturers.  Real wood and PVC.  Some are collapsible for travel!  From Simply Bamboo, Toca, and Groove Masters Percussion.

Flute and Fife

We carry keyless Irish Wooden Flutes, typically in D and A.  Maple, Ebony and Walnut. We carry Fifes as well, from Sweetheart and Yamaha.

We also stock First Nations flutes and transverse Bamboo flutes.  From Simply Bamboo and High Spirits Flutes.


We carry Ocarinas in clay, wood and resin.  We have fun colors and designs for children and young beginners.  Often accompanied with a small fingering chart, these instruments are fun to learn, and popular with beginners or musicians who play other flutes.  From Sustao and Mid-East.


Many models and keys of Hohner harmonicas are on our front counter!  Models with wood or plastic combs, in most common keys.

We have a harmonica-bellows, so you can listen to any model before you buy!
We carry the Hohner Echo harp with tremolo tuning as well as chromatic harps.  We also carry mini necklace harmonicas that really play, and harp handles to help you play while you strum guitar.

Lee Oskar Melody-Makers are available too!

Not sure what to get?  Try the customer-favourite Special 20 or let us recommend one. We carry beginner books and DVDs too.

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