Banjo & Mandolin

We have a large selection of banjos and mandolins, folk accessories and offer banjo and mandolin repairs, 6 days a week.


We carry a variety of quality banjos from DeeringGold Tone, Goodtime and Rover.  Open back and resonator banjos, and tenor Irish banjos.

Come try out a few banjos, or bring your banjo in for a tune up!  We carry gig bags and hard cases, replacement strings, parts, and sheet music.


We stock beginner laminate Mandolins and solid wood mandolins.  We carry strings, straps and cases for A and F style Mandolins.  While our stock is always in flux, we usually have a Bouzouki or Octave Mandolin on hand.  We also carry an affordable guitar mandolin, for guitar players who are eager to learn a new instrument.  Our line of Eastmans A and F style mandolins have had fantastic reviews and are a new customer favourite.

We carry Mandolin picks, bags, strings, and sheet music.  We offer Mandolin repairs and tune-ups 7 days a week.

From EastmanFender, Flinthill, Gold Tone, Kentucky, Trinity College, and Rover.

Also At Prussin

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