As one of the major retailers for wooden and plastic recorders in Western Canada, Prussin Music has the privilege of offering a wide selection of recorders to beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Moeck Recorders

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Made in Germany since 1930, Moeck recorders are considered among the finest recorders available. They have a complete line of modern, baroque and renaissance recorders in many kinds of woods.

Although they were originally hand made, Moeck recorders are currently made by state of the art computer-assisted equipment. While integrating modern machinery, the Moeck workshops have succeeded in reconciling the expertise and intuition of their craftsmen with modern technology. Moeck offers a range of modern and historical recorders as well as affordable student recorders.

Flauto 1 and Flauto 1 Plus 

These models are affordable and practical for older and adult beginners.  Flauto 1 is a high-quality, Moeck-made plastic recorder, and Flauto 1 plus is a hybrid model, with a plastic head and wooden body.  These models are easy to care for, but sound great.

Moeck Flauto Rondo Series 

The Flauto Rondo series represents the latest development in what was previously the Flauto Leggero series. These recorders are made from sycamore and are simple in design but rich in sound. The Soprano model has a straight windway while the Alto, Tenor and Bass recorders all have bent windways and labia. The bore on the Tenor is short so that the instrument can be played without keys. These recorders require no maintenance or oiling as the wood is pre-treated.

All of the Flauto Rondo series come with a case and double holes (or keys) and are pitched at A=440 Hz.

Moeck Rottenburgh recorders

Fashioned from the design of Jean Hyacinth Rottenburgh, Moeck’s line of Rottenburgh recorders is one of the most popular available. They perform well in solo or ensemble settings and are suitable for players ranging from intermediate hobbyists to advanced professionals. Rottenburgh recorders are available in a wide variety of woods. All of these instruments have double holes (or keys), are pitched at A=440 Hz and have a curved windway. Each instrument comes with a hard case and care kit including soft and coarse oil brush, ‘almost oil’ and anti-condense.  Rottenburgh recorders are available in a variety of woods.  Check out our tips about wood selection.

Moeck has an excellent body of information on their website relating to recorder care and maintance, as well as FAQ.  

Check out Moeck’s Worth-Knowing pages!


Yamaha offers a good selection of high quality plastic recorders. They offer a very economical introduction to tenor or bass recorders. Yamaha plastic recorders are among the best plastic recorders available. They respond well and play in tune throughout the entire register.


Affordable, high quality recorders are available from many different makers. We offer recorders from AngelMoeckYamaha, & Zen-On.  Please contact us with any questions, or to receive a quote with school special pricing.

Wood Selection

Deciding on the size or make of a recorder is often easy when compared to selecting a kind of wood. Moeck (Rottenburgh models) offer a wide selection of exotic woods. There is no right or wrong wood to choose. Generally, harder woods are used in solo playing where players are aiming for a dense tone and softer woods are used in ensemble playing where players require a round tone to blend in. There are exceptions to every rule and the ultimate decision rests on the discretion of the particular player.  Come and try some varieties at Prussin to see what tone you prefer.

Boxwood Ebony Grenadilla Maple Stained Maple Olivewood
boxwood ebony grenadilla maple stained maple olivewood
Palisander Pearwood Stained Pearwood Plumwood Rosewood Sycamore
palisander pearwood stained pearwood plumwood rosewood sycamore


Type of wood
(botanical name)
Properties Density
Sycamore / Maple
(acer pseudo-platanus)
stable, fine pores with flexible warm, well-balanced sound  0.63 Austria/Tyrol
(pirus communis)
stable, fine regular denseness, fine texture warm, well-balanced sound  0.65 Austria
(prunus domestica)
hard and dense, warm, resonant tone  0.75 South-Germany
(calcophyllum multifloris)
hard with regular denseness, warm, rich tone  0.80 South America, India
(olea europaea)
hard and dense, warm, rich tone  0.85 Southwest Europe, Morocco
(dalbergia variabilis)
hard and very dense, warm, resonant tone  1.0 South America, North-east Brazil
(dalbergia stevensonii)
hard and very dense, rich in overtones and brilliant tone  1.05 Rainforests from the atlantic side of Central America, Belize, Guatemala
(diospyros melanoxylon)
hard and dense, elegant, clear tones  1.1 Tropical West-Africa, Ghana to Gabun
(dalbergia melanoxylon)
very hard, dense, brilliant, resonant tone  1.2 Africa, Sudan to Mozambique, Togo, Zimbabwe Senegal

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