Larivee Whether you are a beginner or professional interested in classical, jazz, folk or rock – we have a wide selection of guitars ranging from entry level electric guitar packages to high end classical guitars.  We hope you will come in some time and spend some time and try out our instruments.

Check out these pages for each brand we carry – videos and more info!

Guild  Fender Eastman Alvarez Larivée RaimundoGibson Acoustic Epiphone Norman La Patrie Simon & Patrick

gibsonguitarpic Acoustic – Steel String

We have affordable laminate guitars perfect for beginners.  Spend a little more to get a solid wood top or cutaway with a pickup.  Great colors and good quality beginner instruments.  From Simon and Patrick, Norman, Art & Lutherie, Beaver Creek, Tradition, Fender, and Blueridge.

For younger players, we have 1/2 size and 3/4 size acoustic steel string guitars.

Solid wood acoustics from Gibson, Larrivée, Alvarez, EastmanGuild, Saez and locally-made guitars.  We have a large selection of solid wood steel-string guitars from the above manufacturers. Great quality, big sound, with solid Rosewood, Spruce and Mahogany bodies.  Parlor, Om and Dreadnought sizes.

All guitars are set-up and checked over by one of our in-house guitar technicians.  

Traveler guitars are in stock, for the player on-the-go.  A smaller body acoustic guitar, with the right size fret-board.  Easy to take with you!  From Beaver Creek, Eastman, Blueridge, Fender and Guild.

Gypsy Jazz Guitars from Cigano and Gitane.  Great sound and workmanship.  We carry the beautiful student model Cigano which features a solid Spruce top and petite bouche (small mouth). Also very affordable!


Gretsch GuitarArchtop Guitars

From Eastman, and Gretsch, we have quite a variety!  Your choice of solid wood, and design, with Fishman, Kent Armstrong or Lollar pickups or without. Plug in to one of our featured Acoustic amplifiers including the Fishman Loudbox mini, Phil Jones or Acoustic Solutions amp by Godin.

Acoustic – Classical

From $100 to $2600, we have classical guitars for beginners, small sizes for children, and Spanish-made solid Cedar or Spruce tops with solid Mahogany or Rosewood back and sides. Name brands such as Beaver Creek, Fender, Guild, Saez, Alvarez and Raimundo.  Also available are classical accessories such as footstools, leg rests, capos and strings etc.

Electric Guitars - Prussin Music

Electric Guitar

We carry a selection of Epiphone and Fender electric guitars. Some are sold as complete packages with everything you need to get going, including a strap, amp, cord and tuner.

 Electric and Acoustic Bass Guitar

We carry a selection of Fender Electric and acoustic bass guitars, some sold separately other’s come as a complete package with a cord, bass guitar bag, amp and strap.

Available to rent starting from $10.00 per month.
Available to purchase starting from $225.00.
We also have Fender Acoustic Bass Guitars and Fender Electric Bass Guitars in stock.  We carry Upright Basses too!

Resonator Guitar

Square-neck, round-neck or Weissenborn-style by Goldtone, Gretsch or Johnson.  Our selection is always in flux, so check with us!

We carry the Roots-Collection from Gretsch!  Matte-finished resonator guitars with a nice vintage look.    Models available: Boxcar™ Standard and Bobtail™ Deluxe.

From the Gretsch site:


ResontatorsThe vital feature of all GRETSCH Resonator Guitars is the all new GRETSCH “AMPLI-SONIC” diaphragm (resonator cone) illustrated at left. Hand-spun in Eastern Europe from nearly 99 precent pure aluminum, the “Ampli-Sonic” diaphragm yields an impressive quality and volume of tone.

Fender Resonator Guitar

Our selection of resonator guitars range from Regal, Recording King, Weissenborn, Gretsch, Fender, and Gold Tone.  A variety of slides are available too!


We often have a variety of fretted instruments in stock, 
 including rare or unusual guitars, consignment instruments, lap steel, oud, octave mandolins, ukuleles, portugese guitars and many more.  
Looking for something unusual, visit us or give us a call!

Check out our Guitar Accessories Page

Guitar Repairs

Guitar Repair

Our Guitar Repair shop is Open 6 Days a Week.  We have two in-house, full-time guitar technicians, Scott and Bud.

Repair services offered at Prussin Music
Set-ups and restrings, Fret dressing, Re-frets, Pick-up installs or exchanges, Floating bridges, Wiring modifications, Crack repairs/body repair, School instrument repairs.

Call us (604)736-3036 or email us with guitar questions, or just bring in your instrument for a free estimate!

Come have a look!

We have a unique history of guitar sales and repairs at 3607 W Broadway, the former home of Bill Lewis Guitars.

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