Orchestral String Instruments

Prussin Music has been the first choice for countless string players over the last 30 years whether they are professionals or have yet to pick up their first instrument. Our student instruments are available for rent and purchase as new, nearly new or used at a range of affordable prices. We also offer intermediate and professional instruments available for purchase.  Each instrument, whether new or used, is checked over and cleaned by one of our talented repair technicians: Ian or Randy.

All of our rental string instruments come with a free maintenance kit, music folder, travel tag and maintenance repairs during the rental period. If you purchase an instrument you also get a free music stand along with these accessories.

With a wide array of makes available, we stock high quality student instruments and popular choices for professional musicians from GligaFranz SandnerJay HaideStrunal-DvorakSuzuki,  and Yamaha.

All of our rentals come with high-quality Wittner tailpieces, real ebony fingerboards and pegs, high quality strings, hard cases or quality gig bags, rosin, and real pernambuco bows.


Brands: GligaFranz SandnerStrunal-Dvorak and Suzuki

Available for rent starting from $12.00 per month.

Available for purchase starting from $250.00.


Brands: Gliga

Available for rent starting from $17.00 per month.

Available for purchase starting from $500.00.


Brands: Beyer, Czech, Gliga, Skylark, Speyer and Strunal-Dvorak

Available for rent starting from $30.00 per month.

Available for purchase starting from $800.00.

Double Basses

Brands: Gliga and Speyer

Available for rent starting from $55.00 per month.

Available for purchase starting from $1695.00
Moar Orchestral Strings

Our in-house line of antiqued string instruments are made from high quality European maple and spruce. In the tradition of fine instrument making,the top and back plates of each Moar instrument are individually graduated to varying interior thicknesses and are finished with a multi-layered oil varnish. This varnish gives a beautiful antiqued patina which emulates the look of the old masters and results in gorgeous-looking and rich-sounding instruments. We currently carry a variety of violins, violas, cellos and basses.



Often overlooked as an important component of musician’s toolkit, we stock bows ranging in quality from replacement student bows to hand crafted professional bows made from Fibreglass, Brazilwood, Pernambuco and Carbon Fibre. We stock Coda BowAlfred Knoll.


We have a wide selection of strings suitable for any performance situation.
DominantEudoxaHelicoreInfeldJargarKaplanLarsenPiranitoEvah PirazziObligato,Oliv, PirastroPassionePrecisionSpirocoreSuperflexibleSynoxaTonicaViolinoZyex.


We have a wide selection of rosin suitable for any musician’s needs.
Andrea, Gustav BernardelDominant, Hidersine, Hill, Kaplan ArtcraftKolsteinLarsen, Nyman, PetzPirastro, Pops.

Other Accessories

Guaranteed to keep your instrument in prime shape and give you everything you need, we have a complete selection of accessories and cases: BAM FranceBobelockProtec. We also carry WolfMach One and KUN shoulder rests plus chin rests, mutes, wolftone eliminators, endpin stoppers, pick-ups and much more.

Interested in renting?  Check out our Main Rentals Page and Orchestral String Rental Page for more information.

Orchestral String Instruments Warranty -  Purchase an instrument and receive a one year parts and labour warranty on new, nearly new, or used instruments.  Sorry,  replacement strings are not covered under warranty.