Moar Instruments

Our in-house line of string instruments are made from the highest quality European maple and spruce. In the tradition of fine instrument making, the top and back plates of each Moar instrument are individually hand-graduated, and are finished with a multi-layered, hand-applied oil varnish. The result is a beautiful antiqued patina which emulates the look of the old masters and results in gorgeous-looking and rich-sounding instruments. Our selection varies: every instrument is unique. Check back soon to visit our gallery of fine Moar instruments for sale.

Our luthier, Ian Moar, begins the process by carefully removing the top from a crude,unfinished ‘white’ cello:Ian removing Cello top
Here’s a view from the inside during the top removalHere's an interior view of the cello while its top is being carefully removed
The cello with the top completely removed.Cello Top Off

Once removed, Ian proceeds to the time-honoured, passed down through generations task of ‘graduating’ the inside of the top and back. As this is a very secretive process, this blogger has been forbidden to display images or videos of this ancient alchemy! Suffice to say, this process ensures the finished instrument will sing and resonate beautifully to its maximum potential.

Once the top has been carefully replaced, Ian begins hand-finishing the instrument, applying many coats of spirit varnish. Watch Ian as he applies this varnish to the cello he’s creating:

In between applying these coats of varnish, Ian adds some character to the instrument,  by varying the varnish colours and by ‘antiquing’, deliberately aging the instrument by addiing blemishes and imperfections to the finish. Here’s a short video showing Ian antiquing the back of a cello:

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