We carry a large inventory of violins, from student to intermediate instruments.  We have used, nearly new, and brand new instruments in stock.  Many of our instruments are available for rent.  Finer Consignment instruments are often available for sale.  Our used instruments have been thoroughly cleaned and set-up before resale.

The brands we carry include Romanian-made Gliga violins as well as violins from Eastman Strings, Heinrich Gill, Ivan Dunov, Jay Haide, our in-house line of instruments: Moar Instruments, Strunal-Dvorak and Suzuki.  As our inventory changes constantly, please call or visit to learn more about our current stock.

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Our in-house line of antiqued string instruments, Moar instruments, have been well-received by many members of Vancouver’s music community.  Visit our dedicated Moar Instrument page to find out more, including fun photos of the process of instrument-making.

Student Violins

We love Gliga Violins for our student violins, and so do our customers!

See how violins are made at the Gliga factory in Romania:

Our student violins are quality instruments, with real ebony fingerboards and pegs, Wittner tailpiece with 4 fine-tuners, high quality strings and a chinrest.

We primarily carry Eastman and Gliga models in our student violin department.

We have violins, violas and cellos in ALL SIZES!  Come in to fit your child with the right size instrument.  We can help you find the right size for your child.

Each student violin purchase or rental includes a case, a real Brazilwood bow (or fiberglass if preferred), and rosin.  That means you are ready to go with one simple price, either for rent or purchase.  Other string accessories are available for purchase, including various kinds of shoulder rests, strings, and mutes. See our Orchestral Strings Accessories page for more information.

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All of our violins are fully and properly set-up by our in-house luthier Ian or our string expert Randy.  Proper set-up means that the instrument will be in good working order when you get it, with proper bridge placement, proper soundpost placement and a quality, straight bow.  Randy and Ian are available to help you change your strings, fix a sticky peg, change your chinrest or tailpiece.  We also restring bows, repair cracked instruments and offer many other repair services.  We have a someone available in the store for any basic assessment 7 days a week.  For more complicated repairs, please visit us Monday through Friday.

Check out our Orchestral String Repair Department

Violin Rentals

Orchestral String Rentals

 Violin rentals are always available at Prussin Music!

All of our rental instruments come with a free maintenance kit, music folder, travel tag and maintenance repairs during the rental period. If you purchase an instrument you also get a free music stand.

Each rental includes:  Each rental comes with a high-quality Wittner tailpiece, real ebony fingerboard and pegs, high quality strings, a hard case, rosin, and a real wood Pernambuco bow.  Brands of violin available for rent include Eastman, GligaStrunal-Dvorak and Suzuki.
  • Available for rent (used) starting from $12.00 per month.
  • Available for purchase (used) starting from $200.00.
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