Orff and Kodaly Instruments

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Prussin is a proud dealer of Sonor Orff instruments.  Started in Germany in 1875, Sonor is a world-renown and respected percussion manufacturer.  Sonor’s involvement with Orff instruments began in 1953, and they have continued to provide high quality Orff instruments ever since.  For educators, we highly recommend Sonor’s Primary and Meisterklasse models. We are budget-conscious and always give educators school special pricing.

Browse through the listings for Orff instruments below, check out of Orff repair department or e-mail us for more information.

Sonor Orff Instruments are available in a variety of models:  Meisterklasse, Palisono, Primary, and Global Beat.  There are tone, materials and cost differences between these production lines.

Sonor Meisterklasse Bass XylophoneMeisterklasse Instruments:  Sonor’s top-of-the-line Orff instruments.  Superior tone and craftsmanship.  Using the highest quality rosewood bars for xylophones and birch plywood sound boxes, these instruments are well worth the investment!  Check out the link for more info.


Sonor Palisono Soprano XylophonePalisono Instruments:  Sonor’s line of quality xylophones with fiberglass bars.  Great for schools in BC’s interior, where the cold, dry weather and extreme temperature changes between seasons can crack natural xylophone bars.  These are some tough instruments!


Sonor Primary Alto XylophonePrimary Instruments:  Our choice for educators.  Less expensive than the Meisterklasse line, these models still have excellent tone and resonance.  They are also very sturdy and withstand classroom use well.  All the instruments in the Primary line use FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified woods, including the use of pao rosa (Brazilian rosewood) bars for Primary xylophones.  Resonator boxes are made of birch plywood (sturdier than particle board instruments).

Fun feature of the Primary line:  Each bar features its note name and a picture of the note on the staff.  Students will start to associate this information with the sound they hear when they strike the bar.

Global Beat xylophoneGlobal Beat Instruments:  Sonor’s least expensive Orff instrument line.  Xylophones sound bars are made with sucupira hardwood.  The resonator boxes in this line are made of birch plywood.

Childrens Instruments Prussin MusicWe carry a variety of children’s instruments for classroom and home use.  Triangles, frame drums, rhythm sticks, jingle bells and the like are all available at Prussin.

Email us for details, or drop in and check out our Children’s Instruments section.  Many instruments can also be found in our Percussion Accessories section.  We always give Educators special pricing!

Orff Instrument Repairs

We are proud to offer Orff Instrument Repair services all year round, and even offer repairs on-site at your school.  Contact our repair department today to schedule a repair with our resident Orff repairman Stefan.



Orff Accessories

We carry Mallets and Replacement Bars…please let us know what you need, and we’ll get it for you.  We service and supply accessories for Sonor and Suzuki Instruments, as well as other Orff manufacturers.  Check out Sonor’s Mallet Listings.

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