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June 10, 2014

To our rental customers,

As the school year draws to a close, you will be making decisions about your child’s musical experience.  Because we want you to know exactly what your options are, you will be receiving a personalized letter from us in the mail later this week.  Your rental agreement is RENT TO OWN. This means that your monthly rental payments have been applied to the rent to own price set out on the front of your contract.  It does not mean that you are committed to purchasing.  However, if the musician in your family will be continuing with music studies in September, it is to your advantage to continue renting the instrument through the summer.  Remember, in an uninterrupted rental, accrued credit is often transferable to a different instrument (please contact us for details).  If you return an instrument and rent again in September, you will have lost your accrued rental credit.  As always, you have the option to pay out your account in full and your letter will include a statement of account.  If you are within the first two years of your contract and your account is not in arrears, you are eligible for a 25% discount off the balance!We realize, of course, that not everybody is suited to be a musician.  If you wish to return your instrument, you may do so at any time after the initial three months.  You can return the instrument with all accessories directly to us at our store on West Broadway or contact our Sunshine Coast representative, Chris & Evie Jordan-Knox of Resounding Music at (604) 886-9065 to arrange returns, exchanges or repairs.  Always be sure to receive a RENTAL CONTROL FORM from a Prussin Music representative as a proof of return.  Do NOT return the instrument to the school unless arrangements have been made for one of our representatives to be there to receive it from you (this would be outlined on your letter).

Due to the escalation of strike action by the BCTF, we will be unable to actually attend any of the school pickups as may be listed on your letter.  Sunshine Coast customers are invited to meet us on Friday, June 13th at Cedar Grove Elementary (10:00 – 10:30) or West Sechelt Elementary (12:00 – 12:30).  If you are unable to meet us at either of those schools, please contact Resounding Music to arrange the return of your instrument to their location in Gibsons.  Mainland BC customers, please return your instrument directly to us at our store on West Broadway in Vancouver.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions after reading your letter.

The Staff at Prussin Music


Back To School Rentals!!!!

We have all your needs for your child’s school band or orchestra program at competitive prices. We have rental programs and a painless instrument buy-back program.  You may purchase your rental at any time using your accrued credit, as our rentals are rent-to-own.  There is never any obligation to purchase with our rentals.  All rentals include a FREE maintenance kitmusic folder and durable luggage tag. During your rental we will always make sure your instrument is performing to your satisfaction and have a full-time, on-site repair department to assist you. We also offer insurance at affordable, competitive rates. As always, a purchase of a school band instrument comes with a FREE music stand and FREE Prussin Music folder.


We rent Orchestral String instruments, Band instruments, Harps,
Drum kits and Digital Pianos
We have a simple rental process we can walk you through in-store any day of the week!


 Prussin Rentals

  • Quality –  We rent quality new and used instruments.  Each instrument has been thoroughly adjusted and play-tested to assure you of an instrument that plays well.  All previously played instruments are fully cleaned and sterilized.
  • Maintenance and Warranty – We maintain your instrument in our on-site, fully-equipped repair shop throughout the rental period at no charge (normal wear and tear only, replacement strings and drum-heads not included).  Our repairmen are all full-time so that we can offer quality repairs with very fast turnaround.
  • Insurance – We maintain your rental instrument for any problems caused by normal wear and tear.  Additional insurance to protect you from theft and damage is available for a small monthly fee.
  • Exchange – Should you wish to exchange instruments, your rental credit will be transferred at no less of your accumulated credit for instruments of equal or greater value.   Exchanges within our orchestral string rental program are charged a fee to cover set-up and administration costs.  While the fee is optional, credit can only be carried forward when the fee is paid.  We make all exchanges easy and hassle-free. 
  • Rental Buyout – All rent applies to the Rent-to-own price of the instrument.  We offer an additional 25% off the balance remaining on your rental account if purchased within the first 24 months.

  • Warranty – All of our rentals are covered under warranty for the duration of their rental, and for an additional year after the rental contract has been paid in full.

Woodwind and Brass Warranty – Purchase an instrument and receive two years parts and labour warranty on new woodwind and brass instruments, or one year on nearly new and used woodwind and brass instruments.

Orchestral String Instruments, Drumkits, and Digital Pianos Warranty –  Purchase an instrument and receive a one year parts and labour warranty on new, nearly new, or used instruments.  Sorry, drum heads and replacement strings are not covered under warranty.

Harp Warranty – We match Dusty Strings two year warranty for models Ravenna 26 and Ravenna 34.  This warranty covers manufacturer defect, but not replacement strings.


  • Buy Back Option - Buy an instrument at our lower cash price and still have the option of retuning it any time after three months.  You will receive a full refund deducting only what you would have paid renting it for that period.  Our buy-back only applies to instruments in the Prussin rental program, (eg. excludes guitars).

  • No obligation to purchase – It’s easy with Prussin rentals.  Stop your rental at any time by returning your instrument to our store.  There’s no obligation to purchase with any of our rentals, although it is always an option.