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Drum Sets

Acoustic and Digital Drum Sets, Bell Kits and Snares,
All available to purchase or finance.

Drum Sets


  • Digital or Acoustic
  • Purchase or finance
  • Affordable Prices
  • New, Nearly New, and Used
  • 5 piece kits
  • Quality hardware and heads
  • Hardware, throne, cymbals and sticks included
  • From Ludwig, Pearl and Roland.
  • Purchase starting from $420.00 (acoustic nearly new)
  • All Instruments are play-checked and in proper playing condition

Warranty and maintenance info on our percussion

Digital Drum Sets
Roland V-Drums Series
roland v drums td11ks
    • Models available: TD-1KTD-4KP, & TD-11K-S
    • 5 piece digital drum sets
    • Throne, sticks, headphones included with purchase or rental
    • Optional drum monitor available for purchase or rent (*No additional charge per month if added to a digital drum set rental)
    • Adjustable volume
    • Designed for low acoustic noise
    • Compact designs made to fit Vancouver spaces!
    • Available to buy starting from $599.00 (new) or $499.00 (nearly new)


We can help with delivery and set-up!

Local delivery available.

Love practising, but your neighbors don’t?
We sell practice mutes that cover acoustic drum heads, and mufflers for bass drums, in case your neighbours don’t enjoy your practising as much as you do!

Come on in to rent or give us a call to check availability!


Snare Kits & Bell Kits

Snare Drum Kits

Perfect for Band Students. Snare kits come with a rubber practice mat, drumsticks and a back pack style or rolling suitcase style carrying case.  Everything you need to get started, at an affordable price.  From Taye and CB.

Available to buy starting from $200.00

Bell Kits

Bell Kits come with a practice pad for sticking, mallets, sticks and a back pack style or rolling suitcase style carrying case.  A good place for students to start mallet percussion lessons. From Ludwig.

Available to buy starting from $150.00

*Maintenance and Warranty – We maintain your instrument in our on-site, fully-equipped repair shop throughout the rental period at no charge (normal wear and tear only, drum-heads are not included).  Our repairmen are all full-time so that we can offer quality repairs with very fast turnaround.

*Drumkit, Snare and Bell Kit Warranty –  Purchase a Drum Kit and receive a one year parts and labour warranty on new, nearly new, or used instruments. New Snares and New Bell Kits are covered under a two year parts and labour warranty.  Nearly New Snares and Bell Kits are covered under a one year parts and labour warranty.  Sorry, drum heads are not covered under warranty.

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That’s Not All….

Check out our other percussion pages below!

We stock percussion accessories – including cymbals, hardware, skins, thrones, mallets and sticks, and are open 7 days a week.

We have World Percussion instruments, hand drums, melodicas, as well as many rare and fun instruments and accessories.

Check our pages, or give us a call!

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