Piano Rentals

Prussin carries fully-weighted, 88 key digital pianos, from well-recognized manufacturers Korg and Roland.  All of the digital pianos at Prussin are available for rent or for purchase.  Our rentals are available new, nearly new and used, all at affordable, competitive rates.  All rentals include a quality stand and piano bench at no additional cost.  Each instrument, whether new or used, is checked over and cleaned by one of our talented repair technicians.  Finally, we know space and sound can be a concern for lower mainland families, so we carry slimline models and headphones.

We make it easy to rent a digital piano.  
Visit our comfortable piano room, and try out a few models.  

  • Brands: Roland and Korg
  • Available for rent starting at $30.00 per month.
  • Available for purchase starting at $675.00.
  • 88 keys, fully-weighted
  • Stand and bench included
  • New, nearly new and used models available

Models Available at Prussin

Our KORG DIGITAL PIANOS are ideal for beginners or for those on a budget. Korg digital pianos have a realistic sound and fully weighted 88 keys. We typically carry the SP170, SP250 andLP350 (slimline) models.

Our most affordable rental keyboard.  Fully weighted, with 88 keys, and damper pedal.  An easy and affordable way to start.  This model is slimline and black.  Available for rent starting at $30.00 per month;  Available for purchase starting from $675.00.

A step-up from the SP170, this keyboard has a larger sound bank and is more portable.  This model also has a special damper-pedal feature, that allows for it to be depressed only halfway.  Available for rent starting at $35.00 per month; Available for purchase starting at $850.00.

  • Korg LP350

Even slimmer than the SP170, the LP350 will fit in any Vancouver space. With 3 attached pedals, this piano will carry you through years of lessons.  The LP-350 features Korg’s finest piano touch and feel, using their RH3 (Real Weighted Hammer Action 3).  An excellent choice for beginners and advanced students alike.

Our ROLAND DIGITAL PIANOS are well suited for beginners and advanced performers. These digital pianos have become the industry standard as they offer an authentic sound and feel.

  • Roland FP4  

Roland’s affordable and easy-to-use stage piano.  Built-in-speakers, weighted keys with the Ivory Feel and escapement.  This digital piano is excellent for school and church performances, while it is easily transportable but sounds great.  Also great for adult beginners, looking for quality sound and proper weighting from Roland, but at very affordable prices.

  • Roland F120

Similar to the Roland FP-4, but mounted on a stable stand (instead of a portable one), the F120 is built for home use.  Good quality sampling, as is known with Roland, but more affordable for beginners.  Their starter level of digital piano available at Prussin Music.

  • Roland DP990 

One of our best sellers.  This digital piano is great for more advanced players, or players who want to purchase an instrument that will last through years of practice and exams.  The DP990 is slim and attractive, and has quality features, including excellent key-weighting with Roland’s PHA II Ivory Feel Keyboard with escapement.  A popular choice among our Prussin teachers as well as older beginners.

 Prussin Rental Policies and Info

Rent anytime – We always have digital pianos in stock!  Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, we can find you a good fit.  We can rent you a piano any day of the week!  Peruse the available models using the links above and find out more about our rental program on our main Rentals page.

Rent-to-own - All rent paid towards a digital piano rental can be applied to the rent-to-own price of that instrument.  If you love your keyboard and want to purchase it, we offer a 25% discount off the remaining balance if purchased within the first 24 months.  The discount is largest at the start of your rental, so it pays to purchase early!

No obligation to purchase – You can return your rental piano anytime after the minimum three month rental period.  There’s no obligation to purchase.  

Easy buy-back option – If you think you might want to keep your digital piano, buy it outright first at our lower cash price and still have the option of returning it anytime after three months.  You will receive a full refund deducting only what you would have paid renting it for that period.

We make exchanges and purchases easy – if you and your child start with an inexpensive digital piano, it’s easy to make a switch later on and exchange your rental for another more advanced model.  Your accrued credit will transfer to your new rental, with no exchange fees.

Buy-back Option – If you purchase a digital piano, and want to exchange it or return it, you may take advantage of our Buy-Back Option: Purchase an instrument at our lower cash price and still have the option of returning it any time after three months.  You will receive a full refund deducting only what you would have paid renting it for the period.

Warranty – While renting, your instrument is covered under warranty.  We also warranty your rental instrument for one year after the rent-to-own price is paid out.  New, nearly new and used digital piano purchases are covered under a one year manufacturer warranty.  

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